How to Change Mobile Number in Aadhaar Card Online With OTP ?

If you are also having aadhar card mobile number lost case and looking for steps to update mobile number in aadhar card through online then We must say that you are on right place because we have published complete steps to Change phone number in Aadhar.

You no longer need to get confused about Aadhar Card Mobile Number Update because the steps we have shared to add mobile number in Aadhar Card online is working perfectly so you just need to do what we mentioned below and get your Phone Number Updated in Aadhar instantly.

You must know that registering for mobile number in Aadhaar Card is mandatory for every citizen of India without which you will not get Aadhaar card as it is only way to reach to person. So if you have not given mobile number while registering then you can also follow same steps to How to register mobile number in Aadhar Card online.

How to Change Mobile Number in Aadhaar Card Online With OTP ?

If you have received your Aadhaar card and only want to register mobile number then follow easy steps to add mobile number in Aadhar Card online.

1. Go to the UIDAI official website.

2. Enter 12 digit number from your Aadhaar Card.

3. Now enter the verification code in given field.

Note : SSUP Official Website  To Make Change.

4. Click on send OTP

5. You will receive 6 digit of OTP on registered mobile number.

6. Enter that OTP in given field to proceed further.

7. Now you can change Phone number in Aadhaar

How to Add Mobile Number in Aadhaar Card Without OTP If In Case You Have Not Registered Earlier?

We have seen many people asking query that they have registered for Aadhar but did not give phone number and want to add it now. So for them, we will suggest you to visit nearest Enrollment to change mobile number in Aadhar Card.

But if you can not reach Enrollment Center or it’s far away from your location then you can send request to update mobile number in Aadhar Card through post.

Do not you know address of nearest Aadhar Enrollment Center ?

No, worry we are here to tell you where the exactly office of Enrollment Center. Yes You can find it in very few second as we mentioned that you will not take more than a minute to register another mobile number in Aadhar card online.

So here you , Just find your Enter few details like Your State, Your District, Sub District to get Enrollment center address for adding phone number in Aadhar through post.

Note : For Appointment in Enrollment Center Visit here.  

Forget about what other are saying and follow what we have mentioned is only the right way to update mobile number in Aadhar Card by post.

You will only need to provide your phone number along with your Aadhar Number for requesting to add mobile number in Aadhar.

Now coming to most asked query from our reader which we kept getting from very long time is what if you lose mobile number and want to make change in Aadhar Card ?

Learn How to change Phone number in Aadhar if you have lost your mobile number ?

See, getting Aadhar Card Mobile Number changed is very easy if you still have aadhar number with you for making it more easier for Enroller at center because they need your Aadhar number to make any update in your Aadhar Card.

So take your Aadhar to Enrollment Center and latest phone number which you want to update because you will receive notification about Aadhar Status on that number.

If You are married now or have some mistake in your name in Aadhar then you can also request for name change in Aadhar through both offline and online mode. You can follow our guide to change name in aadhar card.

You Must Learn : How To Change Name in Aadhar Card ?

Visiting Enrollment center is only way to change phone number in Aadhar online without otp for those who lost their mobile number.

That’s it, if you need any other help or have any query. Do leave query below in comment.


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