How To Complaint to Prime Minister of India ? ( Quick Way )

If you are having anything to say or want to write letter to the Prime Minister about anything or want to Interact with PM then there is also way which you can use to Interact with Narendra Modi or send letter to Prime Minister of India.

To Register any kind of grievances to PMO office , Follow steps mentioned below :

1. Visit

2. Find ” Write to The Prime Minister ” on Above Official Website.

3. If in case You do not get above option, then click here ” Interact with PM (

4. Now click on ” Write to the Prime Minister ” .

5. You will see form with field Name, Address, Email Id & PMO Grievances Category.

We have also noticed that people are also looking for query like How to complain to the Prime Minister of India. Even few of them are searching for Letter format which they can write to PM Modi.

We have shared PMO Address in our last post but after getting so much questions and some serious issue which we can’t ignore and also don’t let you off here disappointed.

So, We are sharing How to Write Letter or Grievances Petition to PM of India.

You can write letter in your own format, You do not need any Letter format because it’s about your problem and grievances not about style of writing.

Once you have written letter then you can either send by post to Prime Minister Office or hand it over directly to PMO Dak Counter. You can also send it by Fax Number.

1. Prime Minister Office, South Block, New Delhi, Pin – 110011,

2. PMO Dak Counter at South Block, New Delhi,

3. FAX No. 011-23016857.

How To know the status of the Grievance Petition submitted by People of India to the Hon’ble PM or PMO ?

As we said earlier that PMO has dedicated Team for processing letter which they gets from citizens of India. The Prime Minister’s Office receives a large number of grievances relating to subject matters which fall under the purview of various Ministries/ Departments or the State/ UT Governments.

Once team receives grievances, then they start processing it as per guidelines for processing PMO Grievances Letters sent to PMO. This dedicated Team is also know as Public Wing of PMO which consults senior officials/authorities, including PM, depending upon the nature and contents of the communication.

As such, actionable petitions are forwarded to the concerned authorities for action with the request that Reply is sent to the Petitioner and a copy of the same may be uploaded on the portal.

Petitions that are found to be non-actionable are kept on record.

Petitions received by post, by hand and by FAX which are found to be actionable are forwarded to the concerned authorities (Ministries/ Departments/ State Governments) online through CPGRAMS and a forwarding letter.

A unique grievance registration number is generated which is mentioned on acknowledgement letter.

Petitioners who provide their e-mail ID/ mobile number receive acknowledgement by sms/ e-mail. Petitioner also receives Acknowledgement by post.

Petitions received through online mode if found to be actionable are forwarded to the concerned authorities online.

Petitioners can check status of complaint by using the unique grievance registration number of his petition on . Each details about action taken by the authorities or reply to applicant is also uploaded on the provided portal.

At last, You can also Prime Minister Office Grievance cell using their Telephone Number. PM Office has made Public Wing Number public so that petitioner can call them to know status of their complaint.

PMO’s Publish Wing number for Grievances is 011-23386447 works during office hours from 10 AM to 5PM .

Are there any guidelines/time frame for disposal of grievances filed in PMO ?


Is there any system/mechanism for monitoring of disposal of petitions filed in PMO ?

All actionable petitions are forwarded to the concerned authorities for action. Department of Administrative Reforms and Public Grievances (DARPG) has prescribed guidelines for disposal of Public grievances for CPGRAMS (PMO Public Grievance Redress And Monitoring System).

Status of disposal along with reply from authorities are uploaded to official Website of Department that is mentioned or also provided here.

Once they send actionable petition forward to the concerned organization , application is also reviewed by the concerned Ministry, Departments and State Governments.

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Further DARPG review the disposal of petition with the concerned authority again to send Acknowledgement letter, Email and SMS on provided contact details of petitioners.

You can Interact with honable PM directly by writing letter to PMO. That is only way of Interacting with Prime Minister which you can use to lodge your complaint about any Public grievances through a letter or petition.

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